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Looking at laying tiles in your home or commercial area? We have a huge collection of tiles that you can explore. We provide multiple patterns in our tile flooring which ranges from plain marble to square tile patterns and offset quarry tile look patterns.

Beginning with your tiling work with a suitable interior combination is important to get the right finish. There are various tile adhesives on the market, but we consider using the one that suits your substrate and tiles. Finally, the floor tiles will be grouted with the colour of your choice. Tiling your home floor with quality tiles will outlast any other flooring and results will be for a lifetime.


Beenleigh Tiles have expertise in timber flooring with years of experience. Having your timber flooring installed by our experts is quite important to ensure the longevity of your floors as well as keeping them as clean as possible.

We provide an extensive range of seamless timber flooring at affordable rates and great quality. The only way to our success is that we thrive from the satisfaction in providing complete attention to detail. Customer satisfaction is alway been our priority which is gained through our attempts to supply them with a beyond satisfactory result. Installation can be a little complex process, which is why you can be guaranteed that all our experts will treat your house or office as our own and ensure that work is done in a sanitary, tidy, and efficient manner.


Bamboo floors are made up through bamboo which is quite hard as well as durable as timber floors. Bamboo looks flawless with natural beauty and superior durability, making this kind of flooring an increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners. It grows rapidly in abundance, which allows it to become a more affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional timber floors.

For over the decades, Beenleigh Tiles has provided bamboo flooring. We have long-established good relations with leading brands from across the globe and are able to provide a comprehensive selection of floors at affordable prices. Most of our bamboo floors come with warranty included with patented click-lock systems to simplify installation and long-term floorboard stability.

Laminated Floors

Laminate flooring is one of the most versatile flooring materials and on a price point comparison, laminated flooring and its installation costs way much less than solid timber flooring. In all areas, laminated flooring is not only a cool way to flaunt your home interior but is easy to clean and maintain as well as resistant to staining and scratching. These benefits add enough time to our busy lifestyles.

Laminated flooring, however, is not indestructible. It can be vulnerable to standing water. Which means, if there is any liquid spilling on the floor it needs to be removed as soon as possible or else the affected planks will swell and warp. Dropping weighted objects on laminate floors can even cause damage to the planks. If the plank is damaged, if needs a replacement by a professional as laminate flooring cannot be sanded or refinished.


We have established very close relationships with most suppliers and vinyl flooring manufactures. This allows us to be very competitive enabling us to pass on the savings to our clients. Clients are looking at different types of commercial vinyl to enhance their floor. Retail designers are always looking for that point of difference so the right flooring selection plays a significant part in that whole concept.

We at Beenleigh Tiles are always researching the latest trends in commercial vinyl flooring so that we can best inform our clients the latest fit for purpose solutions in commercial vinyl floors. The latest digital technology vinyl flooring can now be made to look like real timber or even the concrete look. The comfort, durability and ease of maintenance that commercial vinyl flooring offers our clients is a practical solution to their designed space. Having the right commercial floor for the right environment is critical and Beenleigh Tiles are well equipped to supply and install the right commercial floor for the right price to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.


We provide superior paving services for areas large and small, from patios and courtyards to footpaths and swimming pool surrounds. We can offer expert advice on the best materials and style for your paving work to ensure you’ll love the finished result. Our experienced paving team are equipped to undertake all types of paving work.

The quality of our work starts by using only the best materials. Our extensive range of natural stone and man-made pavers are sourced from reputable suppliers. Our supplier relationships mean we have materials at the ready for every stage of your project without impacting the job-site. They are available in a wide variety of formats, colours and variations.